works in progress (drawing comics this weekend!)

cover concept sketch for The Brother by Samax Amen. The Brother ©Jay Kelley

In addition to drawing free caricatures of the first thirty backers for Champion of Children, I'm gonna be putting in work on not one but two comic book projects this weekend...
If you've been reading for a while, you've already heard a little about Jay Kelley's African time-traveler The Brother, and now that things have settled down here at the new homestead, I have finally started diving into the pages. This drawing may or may not be the cover to the story I'm working on, but once the idea got in my head, I wanted to get it down on paper. This image features the Brother and the primary antagonist of the story, gun-toting superthug Alonzo Greer.
another sketch of The Gryphon...
I also finished writing the first short story introducing my animal rights terrorist/hero The Gryphon, and I will work on some breakdowns for that over the weekend. I'm torn about how much I can really say about the Gryphon, so I won't say anything other than that this... is gonna be dope! Here's some drawings.
another sketch, censored for your protection...

yeah, I drew this one on notebook paper. Yeah, it's awesome!
This page will make more sense in the context of the story...
That's all for now! Have a great weekend, and remember, the first 30 people to back the Champ get a free caricature!

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